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History of the Coven –
Embraced in 1865 as Confederate soldiers from the same unit, a
desperate experiment. A failed experiment lost among the horrors of
war. Before the Northern aggressors won most other Confederate
vampires were hung and immolated during daylight raids and hangings.
As far as you know only your small group survived by hiding in the
(Ask if characters keep any items for sentimental value or practical purpose.)
Knowing only the basics of the Camarilla and the Traditions you
traveled as a unit, Capt. Harvey Whitehall continuing to lead you in a
race to survive from city to city until one evening in Chicago 1929
after a midnight gin and whiskey run the warehouse you delivered to
was assaulted by an unknown opposing force and one by one you each
fell into Torpor with a crossbow bolt through your heart.
(Crossbow bolt to the heart = difficulty of 8.)
You wake up, each of you with your limbs bound to a hospital bed and
an empty bag of plasma hanging above your head. A polite voice
introduces himself as Lucius and apologizes for the restraints and
asks you to please avoid killing the servants who will be by to serve
dinner momentarily.

Portland – Friday May 30 th, 2003
You fed on willing servants and tested against Frenzy. The Brujah
chose to fail and break his bonds and was punished by immediate
re-Torpor. (His body bag was put in the mini-van later and declared
“your problem”.)
You met Prince Marcus of Portland and the mission to earn redemption
through elimination of an unauthorized “family” in Forks, WA.
Known details according to his contact – walking in daylight,
“sparkling” in direct sunlight, befriending “werewolves” that have no
Garou lineage known by the Gangrel Clan, avoidance of human blood
letting (but disappearances and murders being reported anyway).
Currently since there is no record of the players’ Embrace being
authorized among Kindred society their lives are forfeit under the
laws of the Masquerade. If they accept the mission and succeed they
will be accepted into Camarilla society as decreed by the Prince. If
not they can be hunted down again like they were before.
Printed maps and Wiki entries of Forks are provided. The names Dr.
Carlisle, a friend of Sherriff Loon (Divorced, one daughter named
Bonita who is reportedly dating the only unmated family member.
Prevent her from being Embraced at all costs!), reported coven size
about half a dozen. Warnings that the national Park is Garou
territory, be careful and don’t cause any issues since there’s a truce
of sorts.
Characters will be given limited resources if asked for, but other
than transport the party left with limited requests. The party
declines the offer to spend their first day in one of the protected
(and guarded) cabins outside of Marcus’ Lodge and takes off

The Truck Stop
Driving the shaded minivan you arrived at the Lazy Susanna shortly
after midnight.
Hunting among the throngs of humanity happened and the Brujah was
un-staked. Some new clothing, money, and personal effects were
obtained as well as a full blood point pool for each character.
(Except for the Toreador who got too distracted to feed. Funny, that
happened at DianeCon, too.)

Driving happens and the group spends the day at a motel. As you go
into your room you notice a short blond girl driving away in a VW
Rabbit. When you wake you spend most of the night watching the History
Channel and shaking your head at how much they got wrong in the
[It was fun to roleplay that, but in future versions I’ll be editing
out the motel and TV watching for the sake of continuity and the
timeline to the TVs at the Truck stop for getting your group up to
date on major cultural events. My bad, thanks for the playtesting

Departing the Hotel – Late Saturday night, May 31
Depart by 3am and make it to the forest by where a werewolf named
Jody-Lynn intercepts the party and is rammed by the driver, totaling
the minivan. She offers the cabin at the old abandoned logging camp as
an apology and safe haven.
(She is a friend to Prince Marcus.)
Information about how Edward treats Bonita is discussed, as well as
Jody-Lynn’s reveal that the Cullens have also established some sort of
truce with a family of “Shapeshifters” claiming to be werewolves.
(Cold Iron aspect revealed. He always looks like he’s in some kind of
anguish. Even though it’s a relatively modern conceit, he never rides
in her truck and insists on doing the driving. At the old school
playground she asked him to join her on the swings and he wouldn’t go
near the equipment. And although hiking is not unusual in Washington
state, they keep going to the same clearing all the time, the one with
the ring of trees all the same height. Oh, and the “family” only plays
baseball with each other, and only during thunderstorms.)
Most of you named specific items found amongst the logging camp and
spent a bit of time cleaning the rust off before sunrise.
(Axe, hatchet, logging chain, splitting wedges, nails, etc.)

Hunting in Forks – Sunday night June 1 st
Jody-Lynn is gone by the time the sun sets and you awake, but has left
her VW Rabbit and the keys with your driver for you to use. The town
of Forks is less than an hour away.

We’ll start with you driving into town.

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